Friday, 8 June 2012

Grade 6 technology

The Jacobs Ladder is an ancient folk toy that uses a visual illusion to make it seem as if the blocks are ‘tumbling’ down the ladder. Legend has it that a Jacobs Ladder was found in Tutankhamen’s tomb along with his famous golden mask, jewellery and even a full sized chariot. This fascinating toy was named after the biblical Jacob who is said to have dreamt of a ladder reaching from earth to heaven.
The Jacobs Ladder is relatively easy to construct but has proved to be hard to understand. The ‘tumbling ‘motion is caused by the way the ribbons are attached. This creates a ‘double-acting hinge’
The grade sixes and their Technology teacher Mr. Ryan Carolissen set out to make their own Jacobs Ladders. After many lessons of hard work they finally finished on the 24 of May 2012. These lessons included sawing, sanding, hammering and gluing. The finished products are amazing!
by Anja

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