Friday, 17 February 2012

Valentine's Day Dress-up

On the 14th of February we held Valentines dress-up Day at our school.
We all went to the hall and watched the Valentine Parade. The grade R learners that had dressed up went on to the stage first and the judges (Teachers) had to decide who was the best.
The Grade Ones dressed up so beautifully that the judges couldn’t decide.
Next up was the Grade Twos, followed by all the other grades.
After everyone had been up, they read out the winners.

 We love dressing up and winning prizes!

by Sarah

At Last!

Picture paints a thousand words!

Friday, 10 February 2012

AfriOcean Warriors

AfriOcean Warriors, invading our school

The AfriOcean Warriors aren't your typical fight, fight, kill, kill soldiers - in fact they're just the opposite. The AfriOcean Warriors is an educational program that runs in schools everywhere. It has been sponsored by the Lotto for three years.

There are different 'tribes' that gather together once a week to learn about the ocean and the land around it. Occasionally the tribes gather on the beach or the mountain for 'Survivor Challenges' where the different tribes compete against each other.

Our  grade fours to sevens gathered in the hall to listen to the AfriOcean Warriors plans to start  a tribe in our school. There were a lot of excited and interested kids once the speech was over and no doubt next Friday at the first meeting there will be a whole lot of new AfriOcean Warriors ready to start helping their planet, oceans, mountains and all. 

Written by Anja