Friday, 15 June 2012

Castle outing for Grade 7

On the thirteen of June our class went  to the Castle of Good Hope. When we arrived we jumped on the grass mounds until everyone arrived. Lungili our guide showed us around the castle, we looked at many paintings and large rooms fulled with decorations. We came here to learn and we learned  A LOT! We went upstairs and saw a massive table fulled with chairs and many paintings. One hundred and two chairs stood in that room.

They actually made some bricks wooden so that horse carriages wouldn’t make so much noise when riding over them. Jan Van Riebeeck actually built a fort first, but it wasn’t strong enough to withstand the weather, so they built the castle. The castle also has five corners while the fort only had four. Each corner was also named.

The main gate used to be on the far east side of the castle. But they moved it because it was too vulnerable. I also learned that back then the ocean was right outside the gates, but after many years they managed to push it back. We visited the dungeons and it was amazing how dark it was. At lunch time a few soldiers fired a cannon, a very small one but made a big bang. I think the bathrooms there are haunted, being alone there I heard some very strange sounds.

By Keegan Cooper

We went to the torture chamber and learnt how people were tortured. The prisoners got whipped, hung upside down and left to die or they were just hung by their feet and were dropped on their heads. We went to the prison cells and then to the dungeon. Lungile switched off the lights and we were in total darkness. The girls screamed so loud I thought it would cause an earthquake. He said they left prisoners in there for up to 12 hours and when they took them out the dungeon they would go blind. Afterwards we had our lunch and watched a ceremony. They shot a tiny cannon which made a huge bang.

by Connor

Grade 4 visit the Science Centre

On Monday the 11of June the Gr 4 class went to the Cape Town Science Centre in Observatory.

When they arrived at the place where the exhibits were, the first thing that caught their eye was probably the auto-kinetic sculpture. There were about 100 different ways the balls could go. Next to that was mindball which is a game where you use your brain power to push a ball into your opponent’s hoop.

Next to that was the Human Gyroscope. This machine can move your body around in all directions once you have climbed into it. It was a terrific outing and I hope we return there again soon. By Holly

Friday, 8 June 2012

Grade 6 technology

The Jacobs Ladder is an ancient folk toy that uses a visual illusion to make it seem as if the blocks are ‘tumbling’ down the ladder. Legend has it that a Jacobs Ladder was found in Tutankhamen’s tomb along with his famous golden mask, jewellery and even a full sized chariot. This fascinating toy was named after the biblical Jacob who is said to have dreamt of a ladder reaching from earth to heaven.
The Jacobs Ladder is relatively easy to construct but has proved to be hard to understand. The ‘tumbling ‘motion is caused by the way the ribbons are attached. This creates a ‘double-acting hinge’
The grade sixes and their Technology teacher Mr. Ryan Carolissen set out to make their own Jacobs Ladders. After many lessons of hard work they finally finished on the 24 of May 2012. These lessons included sawing, sanding, hammering and gluing. The finished products are amazing!
by Anja

Friday, 4 May 2012

Pop Up Shop

A Pop up shop is a 2nd hand shop with many exciting things to buy, which only operates for a short time. You get to buy clothing , movies and many cool things.

On 4 - 5 May, a Pop Up Shop was held in the school hall at Kommetjie Primary School. You could buy a cup of coffee or tea with cake or muffins. People could shop from 8:30 am - 7 pm on both days.

Some bargain items were movies on DVD for R10 as well as music, clothes which were from R25 to R50. There were old bronze pots, plants, books and shoes at this wonderful shop.

We can't wait for the next Pop up Shop!!!!

by Shadley September


Bullying is a worrying trend of our times.
On 4 May at 12:00, the whole school went out onto the field and held hands. We did this to make people aware of bullying. 
Bullying appears in  many different forms: Emotional, physical and even on the internet.
On this day all schools around the world get together for five minutes and think about all the people in the world that are bullied and have no one to help them. They think about how they can prevent bullying. 

by Sarah 

Friday, 20 April 2012

Art at our school

Art is one of the more enjoyed subjects at our school and students look forward to sitting back after along day and just creating something. A few talented students even attend extra art classes. 
Our art teacher, Mrs Botha is always more relaxed when teaching art as the kids are usually too interested in their work to be disruptive.


Friday, 23 March 2012

Entrepeneurs Day 2012 Term 1

On Thursday we had the first Entrepreneurs’ day for the year. During the previous week, the stallholders advertised their stalls.

The grade sixes and sevens were selling stuff like food, pot plants, ornaments and turns to play games on the TV. We started setting up our tables at 11:30 and people started buying at 11:50

Some of the stalls had names like Hocus Pocus, Spot On, Gobble & Glurp, Sweetilicious and Random  The TV games were very popular.

by Sarah

Friday, 17 February 2012

Valentine's Day Dress-up

On the 14th of February we held Valentines dress-up Day at our school.
We all went to the hall and watched the Valentine Parade. The grade R learners that had dressed up went on to the stage first and the judges (Teachers) had to decide who was the best.
The Grade Ones dressed up so beautifully that the judges couldn’t decide.
Next up was the Grade Twos, followed by all the other grades.
After everyone had been up, they read out the winners.

 We love dressing up and winning prizes!

by Sarah

At Last!

Picture paints a thousand words!

Friday, 10 February 2012

AfriOcean Warriors

AfriOcean Warriors, invading our school

The AfriOcean Warriors aren't your typical fight, fight, kill, kill soldiers - in fact they're just the opposite. The AfriOcean Warriors is an educational program that runs in schools everywhere. It has been sponsored by the Lotto for three years.

There are different 'tribes' that gather together once a week to learn about the ocean and the land around it. Occasionally the tribes gather on the beach or the mountain for 'Survivor Challenges' where the different tribes compete against each other.

Our  grade fours to sevens gathered in the hall to listen to the AfriOcean Warriors plans to start  a tribe in our school. There were a lot of excited and interested kids once the speech was over and no doubt next Friday at the first meeting there will be a whole lot of new AfriOcean Warriors ready to start helping their planet, oceans, mountains and all. 

Written by Anja