Friday, 25 November 2011

2011 Musical

At our school we perform a musical play every second year. Mrs. Punt (the Music, Life Orientation, Arts and Culture teacher) and Mrs. Gentle (the Grade R and Choir teacher) come up with a new play for us to perform.  In 2007, it was The Pirates of Paragonia and in 2009, Hullabaloo. This year it is an eastern based play. (Hint: There is a character called Scheherazade) For many of our shows, characters from other stories have walk-on parts. In Hullabaloo we had characters from Snow White as well as from Aladdin. In our school plays, every single person in the school has a part, except for the teachers, even if its just to walk on and sing in a class group. The play is performed in the fourth term because in the third term we get a lot of rain and the audience can’t hear the actors because the rain makes so much noise on the metal roof of the hall. 

Being part of a play, especially one as big as ours, is a lot of hard work for both actors and directors. Mrs Punt and Mrs Gentle have always produced amazing plays but never before have I been able to see first hand how much work they put into it. Even after many weeks of tiring practice, the Main Cast of this years play, Mustafa Story,  were almost jumping about backstage (much to the horror of Mrs Cronje and the grade 7's working backstage) before the performances. Everyone was extremely excited and nervous.

This year, almost three quarters of the cast wore hired costumes and this definitely gave the the whole affair a more professional air. A lot of thanks to Freaky Feast who made this possible.


Luckily for those who were unable to see the show and those who would like a souvenir, there  is now a DVD of the play on sale.             Written  by Anja

Friday, 11 November 2011

Recycle Bins

Every class in Kommetjie Primary School  painted a recycle bin for their classroom. They are only for paper. Some of the children painted things from nature and glued it to their bin. They all looked so pretty.

Recycling is a good thing  for the environment. We are helping lots of trees and our environment will not deteriorate if Kommetjie Primary School can help it.

 by Alanis