Friday, 23 September 2011

Kommetjie Primary the Eco-school

We all know about global warming, pollution, de-foresting and the threat this poses on animal species around the world. But who does anything about it?

Our school - with the rest of our community- is lending a hand in the struggle to right the wrongs that our cars, factories and waste has caused.

Parents, teachers and students started to clean out the wetland in 2010 but our school only became part of the Eco-schools project at the beginning of the 3rd term 2011.

Our school has repaired and cleaned the wetland in the corner of the school property. A population of the endangered Western Leopard Toad used to breed there before it became a dumpsite.

The wetland is now clean but still a working progress. It naturally drains and fills with the seasons. Sadly there are no leopard toads there yet.


Other members of our community are helping out as well.

An organization called Toadnuts patrols the streets around the Leopard toad’s breeding ponds in the evenings and look out for the toads. When the frogs start to move in groups the volunteers park and make sure no one drives over them.

 If the toads are spotted they measure them - if they are alive they are also photographed – And then they hand in the information. By this they can sort of keep record of the amount of toads alive and dead.

Last time I heard, there were only 150 toads (they thought) alive and 3 run over ones had just been found. That makes 147 Western leopard toads.

These people are making a difference and not a bad one. We need to help our environment to help ourselves.