Friday, 26 August 2011

Three Schools Eco Meet

Marine, Kommetjie, Waldorf Imhoff schools meet in Ocean View

On Friday the 26th  of August Kommetjie’s grade four and fives went to Ocean View communal hall next to Marine Primary. We had a talk about the cape clawless otters and the river pollution of the Bokramspruit River. The river starts at the top of Ocean View and comes down in canals or vegetation and goes under Kommetjie main road and through Kommetjie village and into the sea. The otters are dying by eating crabs that ate worms that ate a bit of polluted soil. A dead seal was found by the light house about 2 weeks ago. The main cause of deaths to otters is cars hitting them. There has been about 10 deaths of otters from the beginning of the year. That’s why we must protect them and the river.    BY RYAN YOUNG