Friday, 25 November 2011

2011 Musical

At our school we perform a musical play every second year. Mrs. Punt (the Music, Life Orientation, Arts and Culture teacher) and Mrs. Gentle (the Grade R and Choir teacher) come up with a new play for us to perform.  In 2007, it was The Pirates of Paragonia and in 2009, Hullabaloo. This year it is an eastern based play. (Hint: There is a character called Scheherazade) For many of our shows, characters from other stories have walk-on parts. In Hullabaloo we had characters from Snow White as well as from Aladdin. In our school plays, every single person in the school has a part, except for the teachers, even if its just to walk on and sing in a class group. The play is performed in the fourth term because in the third term we get a lot of rain and the audience can’t hear the actors because the rain makes so much noise on the metal roof of the hall. 

Being part of a play, especially one as big as ours, is a lot of hard work for both actors and directors. Mrs Punt and Mrs Gentle have always produced amazing plays but never before have I been able to see first hand how much work they put into it. Even after many weeks of tiring practice, the Main Cast of this years play, Mustafa Story,  were almost jumping about backstage (much to the horror of Mrs Cronje and the grade 7's working backstage) before the performances. Everyone was extremely excited and nervous.

This year, almost three quarters of the cast wore hired costumes and this definitely gave the the whole affair a more professional air. A lot of thanks to Freaky Feast who made this possible.


Luckily for those who were unable to see the show and those who would like a souvenir, there  is now a DVD of the play on sale.             Written  by Anja

Friday, 11 November 2011

Recycle Bins

Every class in Kommetjie Primary School  painted a recycle bin for their classroom. They are only for paper. Some of the children painted things from nature and glued it to their bin. They all looked so pretty.

Recycling is a good thing  for the environment. We are helping lots of trees and our environment will not deteriorate if Kommetjie Primary School can help it.

 by Alanis

Friday, 23 September 2011

Kommetjie Primary the Eco-school

We all know about global warming, pollution, de-foresting and the threat this poses on animal species around the world. But who does anything about it?

Our school - with the rest of our community- is lending a hand in the struggle to right the wrongs that our cars, factories and waste has caused.

Parents, teachers and students started to clean out the wetland in 2010 but our school only became part of the Eco-schools project at the beginning of the 3rd term 2011.

Our school has repaired and cleaned the wetland in the corner of the school property. A population of the endangered Western Leopard Toad used to breed there before it became a dumpsite.

The wetland is now clean but still a working progress. It naturally drains and fills with the seasons. Sadly there are no leopard toads there yet.


Other members of our community are helping out as well.

An organization called Toadnuts patrols the streets around the Leopard toad’s breeding ponds in the evenings and look out for the toads. When the frogs start to move in groups the volunteers park and make sure no one drives over them.

 If the toads are spotted they measure them - if they are alive they are also photographed – And then they hand in the information. By this they can sort of keep record of the amount of toads alive and dead.

Last time I heard, there were only 150 toads (they thought) alive and 3 run over ones had just been found. That makes 147 Western leopard toads.

These people are making a difference and not a bad one. We need to help our environment to help ourselves.


Friday, 26 August 2011

Three Schools Eco Meet

Marine, Kommetjie, Waldorf Imhoff schools meet in Ocean View

On Friday the 26th  of August Kommetjie’s grade four and fives went to Ocean View communal hall next to Marine Primary. We had a talk about the cape clawless otters and the river pollution of the Bokramspruit River. The river starts at the top of Ocean View and comes down in canals or vegetation and goes under Kommetjie main road and through Kommetjie village and into the sea. The otters are dying by eating crabs that ate worms that ate a bit of polluted soil. A dead seal was found by the light house about 2 weeks ago. The main cause of deaths to otters is cars hitting them. There has been about 10 deaths of otters from the beginning of the year. That’s why we must protect them and the river.    BY RYAN YOUNG

Friday, 29 July 2011


It was a long drive for the grade 4 class. Everybody was so excited once we walked into the Aquarium. Everybody was amazed by all the fish in the tanks, and there was an eel leaning against the thick glass. We enjoyed the penguin feeding. Then we went to the frog room where there was a giant Bull Frog and there were some birds as well. AFTER sight seeing we went to the Aquarium Lab. Then we learned about fish, after that we dissected a fish in group’s of 4. For others it was gross but for the brave ones it was a piece of cake. Every one was tired on the way back.                                                Shadley

Friday, 20 May 2011

Baboon Talk

On the 16th of May we were
visited by Tally, a lady who has 
studied baboons at UCT (the University of Cape Town) for 5 years.
We have been visited by many people that talk to us about baboons. But Tally did more than just tell us how to behave around baboons; she talked about the baboons’ lifestyles so that we could understand these amazing animals better.
                     -Anja Coulthard

Did you know that in certain parts of Africa, baboons will kill and eat smaller animals?
See our Thinkquest entry  about Baboons at our school.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Visit from Derbyshire

Two teachers from Brassington Primary School in Derbyshire, England, visited our school for a week. Read all about it on their school website.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Final Assembly

Our recorder group played for us at the Final Assembly for term 1